Skeletons aren’t forever

I’ve started learning everything I can about osteoporosis, well, not the science but the living. What can I do to make my bones stronger? What can I do to reduce my risks? What are the risks? Why do so many people stop taking the drugs within a couple of year? There are lots of questions and it seems tricky to get all the answers, at least in an easy to understand and act on format. Where’s the local support group? Where’s the learning from others?

I’ve cancelled my Pilates class as the forward bending is bad…so that means I’m going to have more trouble with my pelvic floor not less, and now I learn that, before I sneeze, I need to support my back. So, I’m strolling down the street, with my handbag weighing less than 3lb and other weight of no more than 10lb evenly distributed, I feel a sneeze about to erupt, and I have to quickly and, hopefully discretely, cross my legs, brace my back, fumble for my handkerchief ( I should add I have a broken wrist, which is how the osteoporosis was discovered) and all before the sneeze happens. It seems that one of the main tools for living needed will be some form of slowing down time machine.

I’ve been trying to learn to move more magestically. I watched a bit of video of me and the grand-kid that had been filmed in slow motion. Got to do more of that but maybe not so slow- but need to give up the impetuous movements. I say to my friends when they marvel at some super-fast project I’ve completed that I only have two speeds, one and off. I’m going to have to learn steady.

If I learn stuff I like to share it, so here’s is the beginning of my offering to others in my position. As a side project I am writing this in WordPress rather than Blogger, so that I can learn about this too.


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